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2735 East Broadway

Alton, IL



IMPACT promotes pride and respect for people with disabilities by sharing the tools that are necessary to take control of one’s own life. IMPACT advocates full community participation, with supports, of all citizens. Cathy Contarino, Executive Director Pharmaceutical Assitance--Kathy Stiles, Coordinator 618-498-1411 or 618-474-5333(TTY) People frequently fall between the cracks when they need life saving drugs and related pharmaceutical supplies.. This unique program assists persons with low income and persons who are uninsured in obtaining necessary prescription medicines. IMPACT works with the consumer, their physicians and most pharmaceutical companies to help persons obtain their prescriptions at low or no cost. Most people with low income qualify as long as their physicians are willing to participate. The program is extremely popular attracting hundreds of applicants since its beginning in the early 1990's.
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