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Top Stories From CNN

America's most epic churches 
  Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:37:56 EDT 
    Photographer Christoph Morlinghaus takes us on a grand tour of the very best Modernist religious architecture in Form/Faith.

World's most frustrating objects 
  Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:37:29 EDT 
    Wait, what? These bizarre household items need a double-take

Italian nun sings 'Like a Virgin' 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 11:30:44 EDT 
    A nun sings "Like a Virgin" And CNN's Jeanne Moos says it's not the Virgin Mary she's singing about, it's a Madonna cover.

Biter back for world's biggest game 
  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 10:08:49 EDT 
    Although he's vowed to keep his famous chops to himself, the world will soon find out if Luis Suarez can keep bagging goals without literally leaving his mark on defenders.

The future's best theme parks 
  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 07:34:13 EDT 
    With so many attractions on the way, the next few years are going to be a roller coaster ride.

Artist sketches HK protests 
  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 07:37:49 EDT 
    Artist sketches Hong Kong protests

Russia taking jabs at Sweden 
  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 03:33:01 EDT 
    Sweden's underwater hunt shows Moscow is willing to antagonize neighbors, says a regional expert.

Breakthrough heart surgery revealed 
  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 00:47:26 EDT 
    New heart transplant surgery may boost the number of donor hearts available.

The 5 biggest breakfast myths 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 07:35:08 EDT 
    The first meal of the day can have a very different meaning for different people. For some, it's grabbing a granola bar to nibble on during the morning commute; for others, it includes a big omelet with a cup of coffee at home.

Time-lapse shows solar eclipse 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:14:06 EDT 
    Time-lapse video shows the solar eclipse over Denver on October 23, 2014.

Murray: Greatest film star in the world? 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:24:19 EDT 
    He doesn't have an agent. He doesn't have a publicist. He doesn't even seem to have a fixed address. It's all the more reason why Bill Murray is the greatest.

Was it wrong to ban Luis Suarez? 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 06:26:32 EDT 
    Can the Uruguayan footballer keep bagging goals without leaving his mark on defenders?

The best places to ski on earth 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 10:39:07 EDT 
    It's that time of the year when winter sports enthusiasts dust off their skis and snowboards and get ready to hit the slopes in search of perfect powder and fresh adventures.

Winter Olympics skating on thin ice? 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 08:38:35 EDT 
    The International Olympic Committee is set to hold urgent talks over the future of the Winter Olympics following the Sochi Games' exorbitant cost.

China: No more 'weird' buildings 
  Thu, 23 Oct 2014 08:09:51 EDT 
    Chinese leaders want less odd architecture built in the country.
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National News From NPR
Details Emerge About Washington State High School Shooting  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 10:52:00 -0400
Health Care Worker Tests Negative For Ebola In NJ, Stays In Quarantine  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 08:36:37 -0400
Turkey Is A 'High-Maintenance Ally' In Fight With ISIS  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 07:50:45 -0400
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Top Stories From CNN
Soccer drone and brawl punished  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:58:50 EDT
Williams, Halep set for final rematch  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 08:48:00 EDT
Marlins Man spices up World Series  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 08:57:12 EDT
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Ebola outbreak cases pass 10,000  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 15:00:39 GMT
Attacks 'threaten Egypt's existence'  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 12:03:52 GMT
Iran hangs woman despite campaign  Sat, 25 Oct 2014 10:49:13 GMT
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