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Soccer drone and brawl punished 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:58:50 EDT 
    It was a night which evoked hatred of years past -- now both Serbia and Albania have been punished for their part in dramatic night of violence in Belgrade.

Student kidnap force Mexico Gov. out 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:11:54 EDT 
    Police are alleged to have kidnapped students on their way to a protest, then given them to a criminal gang.

'Yellow substance' found at consulates 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 07:22:47 EDT 
    Turkish authorities are investigating a suspicious substance at the Canadian Consulate in Istanbul, and unspecified security incidents also are being investigated at two other foreign consulates in Turkey's largest city, the country's emergency management agency said Friday.

Sweden: 'Foreign vessel' search ends 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 07:19:41 EDT 
    Sweden's military feels certain there was an intruder, but it has called off the search for a mystery vessel in waters near Stockholm.

Murdered soldier known for big heart 
  Thu, 23 Oct 2014 20:32:45 EDT 
    Nathan Cirillo was the strong, smiling type.

Remains are missing student 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:23:51 EDT 
    Human remains discovered last weekend in Albemarle County, Virginia, belong to University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, authorities said Friday.

NY hatchet attack 'act of terror' 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:23:33 EDT 
    A New York City police officer remains in critical condition at a Queens hospital Friday, one day after suffering a hatchet wound to the head.

Breakthrough deal for anti-ISIS fighters 
  Thu, 23 Oct 2014 15:36:35 EDT 
    A month of airstrikes in Syria by the U.S.-led coalition has killed 553 people -- a large majority of them ISIS militants, including foreigners, according to a monitoring group.

Mass grave clue in Ratko Mladic case 
  Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:23:32 EDT 
    Prosecutors will be allowed to present more gruesome evidence against a former Bosnian Serb military commander who has been on trial for genocide since 2012.

Boko Haram kidnap 60 in truce 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 01:58:09 EDT 
    Despite government claims of a ceasefire that will supposedly lead to the release of more than 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram, members of the Islamist terror group have abducted at least 60 young women and girls from Christian villages in northeast Nigeria, residents said Thursday.

Three dead in MD midair collision 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 01:58:18 EDT 
    Three people died and two were injured when a small aircraft and a helicopter collided Thursday afternoon at a municipal airport in Frederick, Maryland, according to Frederick County Fire Chief Denise Pouget.

Did Madeleine Albright win Twitter? 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 08:11:08 EDT 
    You got served, Conan O'Brien.

Millennials: End Cuba embargo, already 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 08:35:36 EDT 
    Cuban-Americans have had an outsized influence in keeping the U.S. embargo since Fidel Castro seized power. Now a younger generation, with strong familial ties there but far removed from the memories of Castro's revolution, want the embargo to end

'Honey Boo Boo' ends 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:54:57 EDT 
    TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is ending its run.

Mali's first Ebola case dies 
  Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:05:13 EDT 
    A doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola. An infected nurse shows signs of improvement. And a military response team begins training.
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